Wandered stories

industry   wedding photography & videography

Project Scope   Website Design & Copywriting

The Vibe   futuristic, celestial, space cowboy, dramatic, romantic

Exploring the stories written in the cosmos.

This project screams “I’ll inspire you” It’s such a unique spin on wedding videography and I love it!

— Austin, The Strategist



I loved the identity Derrick brought to us. Our challenge was to create the entire feel based around the marks, colors, imagery and typefaces that was created by another designer. We didn’t shy away from diving deep into the romantic celestial theme, we kept pushing it further and further, which is why this project was such a success!

— Emily, The Brand Master

Derrick came to The Cabana because he had a very specific vision for the way he wanted to take his brand, but he couldn’t find anyone he could trust to take him there. With his branding already sorted, he wanted someone who could design a website that wasn’t just your average joe’s. He needed something out of this world. With his branding in mind, we were able to create a website that not only looks different, feels different, and hasn’t been seen before in the wedding industry, but it also converts! The result? Something that will set him a part for years to come.

about the brand

Wandered Stories

From ideation to creation

Derrick's predefined brand identity served as the “guiding star” for this cosmic-themed site design. With the collaborative effort of the team, I designed the site to echo the vastness and dreamy beauty of space. I also created some custom elements to really lean into the brand’s futuristic and celestial theme.

— Alice, The Web Magician

web design

All-Inclusive Itinerary

the creative cabana's

our process in 4 steps

how we pamper your brand





  • Jump on a Discovery Call so I can find out where you are in your business and where you want to go.

Step 1

  • You’ll fill in an in-depth questionnaire that gets into all the nitty-gritty details and foundations of your brand. 
  • We’ll do a creative strategy call with you and our brand master Emily. Together, we’ll dive deeper into your business vision

Austin Strategizes

  • We start with a creative strategy call to discuss your vision, ideal client and inspiration. I’ll then create a mood and vision board for you to review. 

Step 2

  • After you’ve signed off on your mood and vision board, I build your logo and identity. You’ll receive a full walk through video on your new branding. 
  • Once approved, I’ll create your website homepage. You’ll see your new brand in action, and get a sense of how your new website will look and feel.

emily visualizes

  • Your copy usually begins just after you’ve signed off your mood board. We’ll get on a Zoom call and start unpacking your questionnaire

Step 3

  • My job is to tell your story and craft a brand tone of voice. I’ll ask questions that start forming a narrative so your website copy sounds authentic to you. 
  • After receiving the first draft and providing feedback, I edit and finesse your copy. Once you love your copy and sign off on it, Alice incorporates it into your website!

aimée composes

  • Once you’ve approved your homepage, I’ll bring the website of your dreams to life

Step 4

  • I create any extra custom creative assets you'll need - like GIFs, textures, backgrounds, custom SVGs, and more.
  • After you sign off on the final version of your site, I create launch graphics that will set you up for success!

alice creates

Selecting Creative Cabana for my web design was one of the best decisions I’ve made. From the outset, their approach was highly personalized and attentive. They didn't just listen to our needs; they delved deep to understand my brand's essence and objectives.I didn’t want my website to feel like another template and Creative Cabana crafted a truly custom website that resonates with the brand’s unique identity. The creativity and thoughtfulness in their design were really. Their skill in translating the branding elements created by a different designer was particularly impressive. They seamlessly integrated these elements into the web design and maintained brand consistency. Overall, Creative Cabana did an excellent job! They are true brand partners who really take the time to understand and translate your vision to an amazing website.

A truly custom website that resonates with the brand’s unique identity.

- Derrick Cabico

"Not only do they make you feel heard and valued, but they use their talents to create YOUR dream! Hands down NO ONE would regret the decision of using these amazing people to shoot any of your special moments! Such amazing down-to-earth people and just such beautiful results!”



- Isaiah & Alina

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